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WHAT IS SPIBO E-PLATFORM?                   

SPIBO (Sardar Patel International Business Organization) is a noble digital e-Commerce platform for entrepreneurs of our society and nation.                                
SPIBO is next generation platform which will easy the business.                                
SPIBO is an app and website designed to offer customers an extensive yet highly personalized shopping and services experience. The culmination of over years of research, development, and testing, it can truly be called a ‘Global Digital Platform’ which will connect society globally and aims to bring about a superior services and shopping experience for its customers.                               


  • To develop a mutually beneficial relationship through networking                              
  • To create, nurture, support and unite a new entrepreneurs                              
  • To provide respectable business platform to the educated youths in the society.                             

Why SPIBO E-Platform?

From compelling offers and an integrated program across brands to exclusive benefits and diverse payment options, SPIBO has a lot to offer to the buyers. A truly cross-category shopping and services experience, it empowers customers to like:              

  • Style up their wardrobe with SPIBO's clothing brands                                                        
  • Purchase the latest gadgets from SPIBO's Electronics brands                              
  • Order groceries from SPIBO's Groceries brands                              
  • Book a Flight, Train, and Bus with SPIBO's travel agents.                              
  • Get health check-ups through SPIBO's Doctors                              
  • Book a luxurious stay at a hotels                              
  • In details we will cover below category                             
1Apparel & Fashion19Electrical Supplies & Materials37Machinery
2Automobile20Energy, Power & Eco38Media, Printing & Publishing
3Advocate, CA & Legal21Events & Decor39Mineral & Metals
4Agriculture22Finance & Banking40Office & School Supplies
5Animal Husbandry23Food & Beverage41Packaging & Paper
6Beauty24Furniture42Painting & Arts
7Brass Hardware & Components25Gifts, Crafts & Toys43Pipes, Tubes & Fittings
8Capital Venture & Investment26Health 44Plastics & Products
9Chemicals27Home & Garden Supplies45Printing & Publishing
10Computer Hardware & Software28Home Textiles & Furnishings46Pipes, Tubes & Fittings
11Construction Materials29Hospital & Medical Supplies47Sports & Fitness
12Consumer Electronics30Hospitals & Dispensary48Security & Protection
13Distribution Services31Hotel Supplies & Equipment49Telecommunications
14Education32Hospitals & Dispensary50Textiles & Fabrics
15Electrical Supplies & Materials33Hospital & Medical Supplies51Tours & Travels
16Energy, Power & Eco34Industrial Supplies52Transportation
17Events & Decor35IT  
18Education36Jewellery & Gemstones  

E Platform Benefits

What if you had control of a seamless, automated data flow to cut out all that data entry and voice or email communication? Doesn’t that sound like a better way to run your business?                             
In today’s world, each business requires an automation mode for more growth.                             
A fully integrated ecommerce platform can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to manage your enterprise. To illustrate how so, let's look at what full integration means and explore some of the benefits individually.                 

  • Streamlines the Customer Experience                             
  • Reduces Administration and Labour Costs                             
  • Improves Order Tracking and Customer Service                             
  • Enables Targeted Content Delivery to Users                             
  • Helps You Keep Inventory Under Control                             
  • Faster buying process                             
  • Cost reduction                             
  • Affordable advertising and marketing                             
  • Flexibility for customers                             
  • No, reach limitations                             
  • Product and price comparison                             
  • Faster response to buyer/market demands                             
  • Several payment modes                             
  • National & Global presence                             
  • Wide market explore               

How it's different?

There’s no doubting it – the opportunity of servicing and selling online has helped several businesses earn more and grow successfully. Like any other business strategy, there are many plus points and the benefits of ecommerce can help one to excel.                             
E-Platform can be defined as the buying and selling of goods or services electronically online. It's popular because of the many benefits of e-business -internet marketing, electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce – this is broken up into two parts.                             
Online retail shopping goes directly to consumers through mobile apps, websites, and even voice assistants, chats, chatbots, etc.                             
Sellers are a part of online marketplaces where many third-party sales take place.                            


  • Creating an account and Submit the vendors form.                             
  • The GSTIN/PAN information of your selling business                             
  • An active bank account to deposit payments.